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The purpose of this series is to provide information on ARG's research, scientists and related information.

Wecome by Scientific Director: An Introduction to ARG's new Podcast Series
Presenter: Thomas K. Greenfield, PhD

Download MP3

Episode 4 - Having A History Of Child Abuse Leads To Heavier Alcohol Consumption In Adults
Presenter: Anne E. Lown, PhD
Download .MP3 | June 2011. Runtime 5:37

Episode 3 - Motivation To Change Substance Use
Presenter: Rachel Korcha
Download .MP3 | May 2011. Runtime 3:49

Episode 2 - Results from Our Study of Sober Living Houses
Presenter: Doug Polcin, PhD
Download .MP3 | April 2011. Runtime 2:48

Episode 1 - Excessive Use Of Alcohol by Men Impacts Their Wives Mental Health
Presenter: Madhabika B. Nayak, PhD
Download .MP3 | March 2011. Runtime 4:50


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